Throughout Central Ohio, there are many beautiful neighborhoods with homes established prior to the turn of the century. In order to keep these homes functional and updated for years to come, more families are choosing remodeling to modernize high-traffic spaces, such as bathrooms. A local couple recently reached out to see how we could help them with their Dublin bathroom remodel.

dublin ohio bathroom remodel double vanity

Julie and Dan of Dublin turned to bath2BATH as their team of choice for renovating their family’s outdated bathroom. How did they end up feeling about the remodeling journey, the work of our craftsmen and the final result? We recently asked them to share their thoughts and experience working with bath2BATH on their remodel, especially during the time of a pandemic.  

Which other bathroom remodelers did you solicit before selecting bath2BATH? 

We spent some time looking at various builders, like Dave Fox, perused Angie’s List and made a few calls, but we only actively sought out bath2BATH. When we were searching, bath2BATH’s costs were comparable to others. Our budget was around $40-50K and we ended up spending $45K for our main bathroom remodel.  

How did you first hear about bath2BATH? 

We live in Dublin and receive Dublin Life magazine. The Cleary Company had an article in the magazine, so I went to their website and found their bath2BATH division. We liked what we saw on the website, gave them a call, and now we have a new bathroom! 

Dublin Ohio bathroom remodel soaking tub

Why did you choose bath2BATH to remodel your bathroom? 

We liked their approach for remodeling a bathroom. I wanted something really nice but I didn’t have time or energy to look for everything – I don’t want to look at hundreds of types of hardware, faucets or paint colors. We were able to see the various collections, choose one, and then do some customizations to choose what worked for us. We weren’t doing anything extensive, like removing walls or moving plumbing, so this really worked for us. 

Which of the collections provided inspiration for your bathroom remodel? 

We chose the Raleigh Collection because we liked the style of it. The collections were more customizable than I thought they would be, as we were able to choose from some different paint colors and make some hardware choices. We didn’t feel limited at all, but I also didn’t have to sift through too many choices. We made changes within the theme of the Raleigh Collection. 

If you could describe your bath2BATH experience in three words, what would you choose? 

Communication, Detail, and Ease of Process   

What surprised you during the remodeling process? 

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of attention to detail, not only with the work itself, but during this time of the pandemic, they wiped down doorknobs and work surfaces, and wore masks when interacting with us. All of the workers were very conscientious.  

We were impressed with the excellent communication with Dan. If he happened to be running late he would text to let me know. He even took the time to learn all four of our dog’s names and would greet them by name (correctly!) every day.  

Our interactions with everyone on the team were very positive. 

dublin ohio bathroom remodel walk in shower

What did you like best about the bath2BATH process? 

It is an efficient, stream-lined process. They had what they needed and they got it done. Any minor issues were quickly resolved. 

Would you recommend bath2BATH to your friends and neighbors? WHY? 

I definitely would. In fact, after the sign went up in our yard, several neighbors asked about our experience. All of our homes are about the same age and we aren’t the only ones ready to make some upgrades. We have let them know how impressed we were with bath2BATH’s attention to detail, the quality of the work, their courteousness, the price, and our overall positive experience.  

Grateful for the opportunity 

It’s humbling to hear from such satisfied clients as Julie and Dan. The bath2BATH team is grateful for each new opportunity to help homeowners personalize their new bath through the most streamlined remodel process available. We pride ourselves on installing stylish bathroom designs with high-quality materials and detailed workmanship. It’s a great feeling when you know clients like Julie and Dan enjoyed the process and love the final result! 

If you’re ready to begin a bathroom remodel project, contact bath2BATH to learn more about our new style collections and potential start dates!