Is your kitchen’s layout causing you frustration? Is it difficult to navigate between the sink, cooktop, oven and refrigerator? If you’re struggling with traffic flow issues, inefficient appliances, lack of storage, cramped work zones, and little countertop space, read on to discover the signs and solutions!

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Do any of these signs strike a chord with you? If so, it’s probably time to tackle your kitchen remodel ~

  1. Limited countertop workspace. You know it’s time when you constantly circle around trying to find a spot to set the tray down when baking cookies. Locating a spot for the new Air Fryer, coffee maker, or mixer can be a clear sign that your counter space is woefully lacking. And what about meal prep? Are you always running into each other while trying to chop veggies or cook pasta? Inadequate counter space can hinder functionality. Even in the smallest spaces, a more functional layout is possible by creating customized storage for your needs.
  2. Inefficient work area. Layout matters! There are six basic types of kitchen floorplans but the three most common are U-shaped, galley and L-shaped. The L-Shaped layout is best suited to homes that do not need too much worktop space while the galley kitchen is suitable for smaller footprints. The bottom line is the space between your sink, cooktop, oven and refrigerator should form a streamlined work area for easy meal prep and cleanup. Has your lifestyle changed or has your family grown? Either could mean your kitchen layout is ready to be rearranged or reimagined with a remodel.
  3. Traffic flow or the lack thereof. Awkward paths around doors or ill-placed cabinets and congested areas where doors open into each other. When navigating through your kitchen feels like an obstacle course, it’s a sign the layout of your kitchen has run its course. A well-designed kitchen should have adequate space for doors and drawers to properly open as well as optimal traffic flow and functional movement between different work zones. No more bumping into your family while cooking!
  4. Storage woes. Insufficient storage is one of the most frequent complaints heard when we first meet with prospective clients. Cluttered countertops, unorganized kitchen essentials, and a lack of cabinets are the top challenges in an ineffective kitchen layout. We all like to collect kitchen gadgets, serving platters, dishes, and glasses even when we don’t have places to put them. Canned goods, snacks, and small appliances all need their place in your kitchen. If you’re struggling to find areas of storage for your kitchen items, your kitchen layout could be remodeled to incorporate better storage solutions.
  5. Appalling appliances, countertops, cabinets, and fixtures. Ok, appalling might be a strong word choice, but when you know, you know! Outdated appliances, inefficient fixtures, and worn-out countertops are a sure sign it’s time to remodel. Cabinets that are old, builder-grade, or just past the point of functioning properly might be the catalyst for your kitchen remodel project. Upgrading the hub of your home with new energy-efficient appliances, new cabinets, new countertops, and stylish fixtures will not only add the right functionality but will enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

What does a kitchen remodel cost in Columbus, Ohio?

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