Project Manager Rob Lindeboom Reflects on 25 years of Home Remodeling in Columbus OH

Rob & George have been buddies since their high school days on the Bishop Watterson Football team. (Can you spot them in the photo below?!) So when George made the decision in 1994 to start his own home remodeling company, he asked his friend and teammate to help him run his first job. The Cleary Company has changed a lot since completing that first project 25 years ago and Rob’s been standing right along side George for the ride. Remember beepers and Nextel? That’s how Rob remembers communicating with clients and crews on our job sites in the 90’s. He’s most amazed at how communication has changed. “The internet, smart phones and tablets have dramatically improved how we all do our jobs. We even have our own APP! The client experience is much more collaborative. Our Design Team can create detailed 3D renderings in a fraction of the time it use to take. And our Sales Team can get real-time estimates and product updates from our vendors.”

Over the last 10-15 years Rob’s role on our Team has evolved into a senior management position. In addition to managing his own projects, he also oversees and mentors our entire production staff. Rob says, “I try to make myself accessible and approachable to the younger guys, offering them guidance, especially when I notice them looking stressed.” George says, “Rob has one of the keenest eyes and sharpest minds in the business and when he’s part of the project, every detail is done right. Rob is our go-to guy for problem solving on every job site. Carpentry is in his DNA!”

Rob’s very optimistic for the future of the home remodeling industry in Columbus Ohio. “Central Ohio is a great area. Geographically and economically we’re in great shape for growth with new builds but also we have some great individual communities that have their unique feel and homeowners are investing their money to improve the older homes.”

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