It’s a new year, so that means our Design Team at The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus Ohio is looking at what’s trending in home design. While we love the classics, some trends are worth looking at and incorporating into projects for our clients, especially kitchen and baths. After all, some trends are here to stay!

The NKBA recently released its 2023 Design Trends Report where they surveyed almost 600 industry members. We’ve combed through the information and summarized it below. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle in and spend a few minutes reading.

Home Design

Storage & Functionality are a Must

  • Kitchens and bathrooms are top spaces that need more storage and better function.
  • Remove or open up walls to add more storage and define spaces.
  • Increase the footprint of a kitchen to add space for a larger pantry, beverage bar, second dishwasher or other additional appliances.
  • Larger islands and in some cases two islands, provide better functionality for dining, food prep and homework or work-from-home needs.
  • Increase or rearrange the footprint of a bathroom for a larger shower, more closet space, or even a sitting area.
  • Incorporate Universal Design principles into your new bathroom. Features such as low or zero-threshold showers, benches, grab bars, and wider doorways are a key part of functionality.
  • Keep countertops clear of small appliances. A well-designed pantry can be more than just a place for spices and staples.
  • Select fixtures and finishes that are easy to clean for your updated kitchen and bathrooms. Materials like quartz countertops and panels plus large format tiles limit or eliminate grout and are easy to clean.

Oh, We Love Some Color

  • Shades of white still dominate, as well as the use of wood tones but color is making it’s way back into kitchens and baths.
  • Greens and blues are perennial top choices for kitchens, but don’t be afraid to dip into other colors on the spectrum.
  • Incorporate bold accent colors like a non-shiny metallic, matte black or brushed gold.

Be Environmentally Friendly & Connect with Nature

  • Choose products made with sustainable materials and by companies whose practices are gentle or help the Earth.
  • Fixtures and finishes like LED lighting, VOC-free paints and energy-efficient appliances, head the list.
  • Choose more oversized windows and add glass doors to bring views of the outdoors inside.
  • Outdoor living spaces create a connection with your indoor spaces and increase the livable space in your home.

Let’s Not Forget About Technology

  • Choose technology for your home that increases its function and efficiency.
  • Install motion-controlled lighting and touchless faucets.
  • Choose appliances that are multifunctional and can do “everything,” making life easier.
  • Use mobile devices or voice controls to control appliances, lighting, music and tv’s.
  • Smart or programable controls in bathrooms help with shower and faucet temperatures, heated floors, bidet toilets, mirrors, and lighting.

As our Design Team works with clients, we see that kitchens and bathrooms continue to evolve into larger, multifunctional spaces. Many people are still working and entertaining at home, and that doesn’t seem to be going away. Make 2023 the year to remodel your home with our Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company!

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