It’s that place you might not think about on a daily basis, especially if you only use it for storage or to do laundry. However, as you live in your home and life changes, that room downstairs might just be the next room you should remodel.

Over the past 29 years, our Remodel-Design-Build Team has created amazing basement remodels by listening and collaborating with our clients. You can tour several basement remodeling projects on our YouTube channel.

Read on to learn when and why, Development & Design Manager, Laura Watson, ASID, UDCP believes, a basement remodel is the right fit for your family.

Which one of the following speaks to you?

  1. You need more space to stay in your home. You now have kids, or the ones you have are getting older and need a space to chill with friends. Adding a secondary living area creates a better footprint to the home.
  2. When people come to visit, there is no extra bedroom for them. Adding a guest bedroom and bathroom gives family and friends privacy, especially nice for extended stays. (Or why not move your older teen to the basement and offer them a private space!)
  3. It’s only partially finished and you want to make it all usable living space.
  4. Converting a storage (ummm…probably filled with boxes and stuff) area into an organized space with shelves, a craft, hobby or workout room, whatever you need it to be, makes a wasted space utilized!
  5. You hate going down into the basement because it’s old, unfinished, or outdated. Remodeling it will create a space you won’t WANT to leave.
  6. An older home’s basement might have some structural damage (bowing walls, cracks, water) that needs to be fixed. While fixing those issues, why not remodel it and create an area you’ll actually use?
  7. You’re tired of heading down to the dingy basement to do laundry. The layout of your home doesn’t lend itself to moving the laundry out of the basement, but who says you can’t create a beautiful laundry room? We’ve designed some amazing laundry rooms!
  8. The party is always in your neighbor’s basement. You know—the one with the great wine cellar or home bar and the entertaining space with the big TV! It’s time to bring the entertainment to your own home.
  9. Down the road, if you sell it, you’ve added some value to your home. You may not think you’ll ever sell your home, but life happens. Having done this makes your home stand out as a great option for buyers. Click here for Basement Remodel ROI info.
  10. It’s just time to transform your basement into a beautiful, functional space in your home!

Remodeling the basement will add value to your home…and your family’s life. No matter what the reason, you will be able to use your basement in a way you couldn’t or wouldn’t before.

If you want to know more about what you need to think about and do before remodeling your basement, check out The Anatomy of a Basement Remodel on our blog.

Have questions or ready to get started on your basement project? Visit our website or call our office, 614-459-4000, to speak with our Client Relations Coordinator. The Remodel-Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus, Ohio will help you navigate the remodeling process and collaborate to create a new vision for your home.