Project Manager

Eric joined our Production Team in 2017. His career began in commercial construction, working as a project manager for large regional contractor. Through a mutual friend he and Robert Raskin met playing sports and had a lot in common since Robert also came to us from commercial construction. Ever since he was a kid, Eric knew he wanted to work in construction. His interest in building things lead him to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky where he enjoyed studying reinforced concrete, wood and steel structures. Eric recently completed managing the 9 month remodel of our new location.  He's eager to make the switch to residential construction and to use and develop his carpentry skills while learning from the great experience of the Team surrounding him.

Eric grew up in Pittsburgh, the 2nd youngest of 5 boys. He now lives Grandview Heights.  His hobbies include summer baseball league, hanging out with friends and rooting on Pittsburgh pro sports teams and of course Kentucky basketball. The office March Madness pool just got more interesting!