Our Process:

The Cleary Company offers our Clients the benefits of the Design/Build remodeling.

  • Certainty of Price– early knowledge of “firm cost” by simultaneously designing and estimating your project.
  • Costs & Time Savings– rarely are there unknowns after the project has started.
  • Service & Communication– we are the single point of responsibility for cost, quality and completion of your project.
  • Professional Design– we provide complete plans drawn to city specifications & if needed stamped by a licensed engineer.

We integrate the design, estimating, and construction from the beginning of the project, so we can quickly focus on what can be done within YOUR space and budget. All of the drawings and selections are completed BEFORE contracts are signed and construction begins unlike the alternative Design/Bid approach which starts with drawings & designs that are then sent out for pricing.

Another advantage is having ONE point of contact, ONE company handling the design, the ordering of materials and the construction. So if something is not right, WE take care of it! You’ll never be in the middle of your architect, your builder, your supplier and/or your trade contractor.

Know your investment before you commit. Remodel with The Cleary Company!